Work Party Tomorrow!


Logan, I, and a friend or two are going to paint the upper room (furthest from the kitchen) tomorrow at 6 pm! We may also start on the baseboards :slight_smile: Come by and help us make that room a little spark of joy. :tada::sparkles::tada:


The big upstairs office? What happened to the prep and paint job I did on it a few weeks back (with help from others)?


Will anyone be at the space tomorrow (Thursday) at about 5? If so, would you mind giving me a hand? I got one coat of primer on the floor (machine shop). Iā€™d like to get a second coat down before pouring the cement. I had originally planned on this weekend, but I want to get this wrapped up.

There is some already mixed, in a small white bucket right at the door. That should be enough, but if not, it mixes 1 part to 3 water. Ionly used about half of what I made, so it should be enough.

The extension on the roller gets underneath the lathe.

Iā€™m hoping to pour the floor tomorrow, starting at about 8 pm. If anyone wants to help with that as well, Iā€™d be grateful.