Work Party! Help Us Unload Materials at VHS 9am -12pm Feb 12 (Tomorrow)


Hi all,

We have a large shipment of wood coming in tomorrow morning (Feb 12) from 9am -12pm.

@Petetheviking and @dbynoe will be there, but they need help as it is both large pieces and a lot of wood.

This is going towards making the pallet racking and levelling the floor in the main area.

Please RSVP in this thread if you can make it to VHS at the time above!


… today is Feb 11th… I’m confused


Sorry, that should indeed be February 12th, which is tomorrow


Provided of course they can leave their yard with snowpocolypse 2 frozen boogaloo happening.


Back door should be more clear now for move-in. A bunch of us did a quicky tidy tonight. You should be able to open both doors. Back alley also shoveled to get rid of frozen boogaloo. Inside the space, the big white table is clear but please leave that clear for Wed event. Also please don’t move the electronics benches until after Wed.

I’ll be in on Tuesday night and can help move stuff around/clear that area you’ll be flooring. Let me know.


Heard the load in went well and panel building has already started. Thanks so much @dbynoe and @Petetheviking.


Thanks @dbynoe and @Petetheviking, it’s really appreciated!


Amazing job on the new platforms!

Special thanks to @colorcoded, @smunky, and @David_Neufeld for helping reorganize the space!