Woodworking tool donation


A friend of a friend is dissolving their workshop and is asking if VHS would be interested in any of the following tools:

  • Compound Miter Saw 10”
  • Delta Sidekick 8 ¼” buiders Saw
  • 6” Deluxe Jointer Delta
  • Bench Drill Press 12”
  • Workmate Deluxe (Black & Decker) folding
  • Rigid Random Orbit Sander R2600 Variable Speed
  • Router – Bosch – Plunge + Fixed Base
  • Dimar Dado Set – carbide tipped set 6/18
  • Stanley – Head gun – 1500w
  • Plate Joiner DW682 Dewalt
  • Belt Sander, Black & Decker 3x24”
  • Arrow Electric Staple Gun Brad
  • General Drill Guide


@mike @faja66 ?


Also posted to slack.


I think the current orbit sander could use replacement?


All of this looks amazing! Yes Please take it all we can sort it out what we dont need and donate rest to tool library.


YES Please!!!


Most of that sounds useful! A few duplicates but if no or low cost, we can take and pass extras or our copies of upgrades to other good groups (such as VTL)


I’m trying to set up a good time to move them to the space, either tomorrow night or next Tuesday. Would any of you be available to help me decide what to keep and where to put it?


Looks like it will happen in September.


Thanks Hans. Is it a logistics issue where you need a vehicle? Or is it an access issue?


It’s a vacation issue. :grinning: