Woodworking studio orientation/training

Hey all!

I just joined as a member and I’m looking forward to the space! I was wondering if anyone could be available to provide some training/orientation on some of the equipment in the woodworking studio. I’m pretty familiar and feel comfortable with most of the tools, but would feel more comfortable getting an overall orientation about anything particular about the machines, space, etiquette, etc. I’m particularly interested in using the lathe.

I’m available in the new year in evenings/weekends.


Hi Austin,

Normally i’d help you out with getting checked off on the tablesaw and/or the planer and jointer but I’m not planning on making it into the space again until the week of the 9th. If you are looking to get familiar with the lathe you will want to reach out to @macintoshsj who can also check you off on the woodshop tools!

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