Woodworking project at home

We have a solid oak (some plywood) TV stand - well built and expensive when we bought it. It’s big downside these days is no large screen TV fits it. Over the years I have had to remove the doors etc to make a 40" TV fit, so our goal was to cut it down and have the TV sit on top. Also as the first picture shows the inside was just a dust magnet…


After the top was removed we measured twice and clamped a straight edge to the sides and I used a circular saw to cut sown the sides:

Finished - it will now take a 55" to 58" TV on top depending on the legs and we have a space to hide the sound-bar and electronics.


Really nice work. The modified version looks like it was designed to be that way.

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Also love this. Looks perfect and I’m sure you didn’t even have to worry about any sort of finishing. Great way to adapt a solid piece of good furniture.

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