WOODWORK shop filter scheduled cleanup


For the past 4 months or so i am fairly sure i have been the only one to take the filter down from the air cleaner and clean it out. I don’t mind, I’m just wondering if its a good idea to have scheduled chart or book there so we can track how often its been cleaned ect. I’m going to do another woodshop meeting really soon here so we could discuss this more.
This also includes cleanout of the dust extraction unit.

Looking for some input on thins matter.
Thanks All!!!


A log book is a good idea!


I put a couple of small stickers on the cabinet with the dates I last cleaned/changed the pre-filter and pleated cloth filter.


Ok thats great! Thanks! i was Thinking we could start a wiki on this. That way all can see it.


I use stickers because it is immediately obvious to me when I’m wondering how long the filters have been in place. I don’t really want to have to go check a logbook or computer record. I’m also extremely lazy so I prefer to keep things as simple as possible by eliminating as many steps as I can.


I like it! ok So that sounds like a great solution to me then! So when i cleaned out the filter i didn’t notice these stickers? also where are the blank stickers located?


I was referring to the air cleaner in my own woodshop. I don’t actually use the woodshop at the hackspace.


ok that’s why i didn’t see it then! right on thanks!


Just as a FYI I cleaned the filter on Monday. I discovered that it is green, I had no idea :smiley:
By Tuesday it wasn’t green anymore…


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