Woodturning Demo Request for Interest


Hi all,

The Greater Vancouver Woodturning Guild is offering to do a live demo for us. This would be a demo where we could have quite a few people, not the limit of 2-3 like the classes. Is 2nd week of December too early for people or should I target January? I’d love to make it so inspired people can make holiday gifts but I also know people get busy around this time?

I’d probably measure successful turnout of an event like this at 10+ people.


I think you might have better turn out in January imo but whenever you run it will be great! Thanks for setting this up.


Please post updates here if you can… I’m getting more into woodworking and would love to learn.


Demo is a go! January 17th @ 7pm!

Details to follow!


Awesome - I added it to the VHS calendar.


With the new space, I’m going to reach out and see if we can adjust this demo to happen at The Mullet (our new space)!



Count me in!~ Is there a sign up sheet for this?


Thanks! @xquared is just finishing up the advertising material. There’s no need to sign up, but once we have it on Meetup, if you could sign up there it’ll help show others that its something worth coming to :).

I’ll post here once we have all the material!

Note, this will be at the new space. 1601 Venables