Woodturning Demo — Jan 17


Join us at the new space on January 17th for a wood turning demo by a pro. Generously coordinated through Greater Vancouver Woodturners Guild and VHS, we bring you Barry Wilkinson!

Sign up here to show that this will be a busy night!


I was hoping to attend this demo but I’ll be in Maui that week. Barry is a fantastic demonstrator and instructor.


Thank you for organizing this! How do I sign up? Count me in!~


Feel free to sign up on the meetup, but it isn’t necessary. Signing up on the meetup link helps me prepare so I know how many will be there!


Reminder, this is happening this Thursday!


I might be there, if I don’t forget and if I can figure out how to get to the new location! :slight_smile:



See you there!


Also, it is worth mentioning that if you like what you see at this event, the GVWG is going to be starting their 2019 season off with an event on the 24th; unfortunately I won’t be in town to attend it, but it is highly recommended.

Also, to clear up some confusion, this event is for VHS and the Community; the guild isn’t coming down to use our space, they are coming down to do an event for us. :slight_smile:


Thank you for coming, it was an excellent event, we got a mix of some people who had never heard of us, some people that used to be members before, and current members. One gentleman had only heard about us today from a google search looking for woodturning! What great circumstance!

Barry gave VHS a few bowls for our display cabinet too!

Thank you all for the help! It was a great event and an excellent way to do some inter-group connections!


I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there, I’d really have liked to!

Thanks so much, Barry! And Mike and everyone else who helped, too!


It was a great event and I’m glad I was able to attend. Now I’m inspired to learn yet another craft! :smiley:


Reminder, check out the woodturning guild’s first meeting of the year this Thursday starting at 6pm.


The first meeting is free, and membership is very affordable if you want in. They have excellent breakout groups, demonstrations, and critique of work. If you’ve got something you’ve turned, be sure to bring it, and if you haven’t ever turned, you are still in for a treat.

Near the back of the hall, they have people selling things; this is a great place to pick up some nice project woods for cheap.

As you walk in, just mention you are a first-time visitor and they’ll give you a great orientation!