Woodshop work party for electrical upgrades. Sunday March 8th Noon

Hello everyone,

Our amazing electrician Bobby want to upgrade the wood shop this Sunday at 3 pm. but in order to do that, he needs access to the window side of the wall of the the wood shop (the side across from the metal shop). Specifically, everything needs to be move 1 meter away from the wall so that he can run electrical wires, So we are organizing a work party to push everything over just a little bit.

So this Sunday March 8th, at Noon we are organizing a work party. We need 4-5 people to help move things away from the walls. There is a bit of stuff pile against the wall right now, so expect a bit of lifting but it should be pretty easy with a few peoples.

thank you all for making the wood shop a better place.


Just bumping this - more help needed please on Sunday.