Woodshop Want List


For lack of any effort in doing something better, I’m putting together a list of things I want in the wood shop. This is more in case someone finds themselves in a situation where we can be given things rather than me asking.

Feel free to add your own; this is not an ordered list.

  • Titebond Wood Glue (Or something similar, ideally in large quantities)
  • Glue dispenser
  • Sandpaper, gobs of it, well organized; some hook and loop for the orbital, some sheets for hand work, some loops for the belt sander
  • Sandpaper cleaners
  • Dust collection tubes, pipes, blast gates, collection ports, etc
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Marking gauges
  • Marking knives
  • Angle gauges
  • Plunge router
  • Disc sander (10+ inches in diameter, go big or go home… but really, we already have a small one on the belt sander)
  • Biscuit jointer (I don’t have any personal near-term use for this, but I’ve heard this asked for several times)
  • Router plane
  • Tung Oil/Mineral Oil/Beeswax (or combinations of beeswax and oil, such as Tried and True)
  • Bench dogs
  • Featherboards
  • Table Saw blades (high quality ones such as Forrest or Freud, would be nice to have a library of them, several combination ones, and every once and awhile send most of them off for sharpening)
  • Bandsaw blades
  • Chop saw thumb button. The 3d printed one is actually quite decent, but we should have the OEM switch.
  • Retractable extension cord. The one we have is great, I’d love another to hang from the ceiling
  • Rabbet plane (I can dream, right? Can we do this a thousand different ways today, sure can, but if one is sitting around I wouldn’t say no, also I totally would have used one today).
  • Toggle clamps (making jigs is good, and often makes us safer)
  • Blade sharpening jig *for whet/diamond stones

I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve not said. I’m not saying we need all of this (well, dust collection we do), but just throwing it ‘out there’.


Draw Knife - for my own selfish spoon reasons


I guess to pair with a draw knife, some decent spokeshaves