Woodshop: scraps and offcuts

Hi woodshop users!

Today I organized the cart of scraps and offcuts that had wood falling out of it making it hard to find something. I took off the buckets and built two full-height spots for long and medium sizes woods, and a short one for the small woods. We still have a green box inside for really small pieces so they don’t get lost inside the cart. The large width size woods are kept just inside the cart.

During the organization, I found a few scraps inside the cart with nails sticking out which is a safety hazard. It would be nice that everyone before put wood inside the cart takes a look at to see if there’s no nails or screws on it. Another hazard with nails on the wood is if someone picks up the wood without seeing the nail and tries to cut on the table saw, that can damage the blade.

Leonardo (Leo) Collares