Woodshop planer training

Hi people! I’m interested in some training to get certified on the planer, can anyone deliver a lesson please? I’m pretty good with availability.



I’d love to join as well!

Hi, I’d be happy to do the certification on the planer. Just to be on the same page, you should already know how to use a planer safely, we’ll do some checks on that, and I’ll show you all of the specifics for the machine for doing planing and jointing. Do mornings work for you? Tuesday 10am could work.

If anybody is interested in getting certified to use our awesome jointer/planer, I could show someone else at the same time.

amazing! that time would work for me, I’m open other mornings as well next week

I’d love to learn, but i don’t have experience on a joiner/planer. I am experienced with woodworking and power tools though. Is there a way to get the basics as well? Perhaps more time/more compensation?

If it works out, I’m available in the mornings all through the week.



I would also like to join this workshop as well. Including the basic would be great.

Hey guys, I’m running the jointer/planer certification tomorrow (Tuesday Sept. 28) at 10am. Unfortunately this will just be certification for people with prior knowledge, I haven’t had time to plan a basic training course for the machines, but the plan is to organize a small project-based workshop in the near future. For people coming, if possible, please bring a $25 woodshop donation.

Hope i can sit in. Still need certification to use the jointer/planer and maybe i can finally stop bringing mine back and forth from home :smiley:

Hi. I would love to join this training and will show up on Tuesday morning. I have used a jointer and a planer before down at the red light studio. But those tools were far less sophisticated than our Zanzi new machine. Looking forward to the upgrade and certification. Thanks, Lincoln

Running 5-10 minutes late