Woodshop Organization and Cleanup


Hey everyone, we’re making some progress on getting the woodshop into a more usable state, but there’s a bunch of leftover stuff that’s taking up space that we can probably cleanup/junk.


Does anyone know what this cover is for, and where it should live?


These were left over the woodbench and tool shelving. Does anyone know what the motor was meant for? Or does want to claim these other pieces?


This old vacuum cleaner is somewhat redundant now as we’ve got several other better shop vacs. Does anyone feel particularly strong about keeping it?


Thanks for the cleanup! Amazing and much appreciated!

That cover was left in the space when we moved in so I say chuck it.
Also feel free to get rid of R2 (the blue shop vac). I got that for free for the space. It’s been handy but there is no need to keep it around.


I’d like to see how well it’ll pick up aluminum in the shop. I want to try to recover what I can, and a dedicated vacuum would come in handy.