Woodshop Large Material Storage Cull

I had to get a piece of wood out of the tall wood storage behind Dusty the CNC. It was wedged in pretty tight so I pulled everything out, vacuumed, sorted.

There are some pieces that have been there for years. Realistically this storage should be for in progress projects and not long term material storage.

I’ve posted a few pics and tagged folks below who can hopefully either use their materials or re-home them somewhere else.

@TristanL What do you want to do with these?

@Lulu . It’s been a year. Do you have plans for these?

@Lantana its been a year for some of this plywood. Do you have plans for it?

@kleenpwr Do you have any plans for this. Can you re-home it?

@Brad (I am assuming this is yours. No last name and a few other Brads on Talk) It will be two years in July. This is a large heavy piece. Can you take this home?

@AoK?? Not sure who this is. Just a name no date. If we don’t hear from you this goes to free pile.

@flashstick @Ben.c Some large pieces dated 16,02? I assume Feb 16th. What year? Anyways do you have plans for these?

A photo of the wood storage after todays cleaning and reorg. At least its possible to get stuff in and out of it now.


Reminder to all: please write years in the date as well


Thanks for doing this!
Mine is 2023 and I’m actively using it on my bed project, I’ll move it soon once I’m sure I don’t need to redo anything on the pieces that are almost finished. I was going to move it previously but I couldn’t get it out.

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A request to please use ISO dates for us dyslexic-for-dates folks


Any other formats can nearly always be ambiguous even with 4 digit years.

I’ll also happily re home any pieces suitable for CNC learning projects, if anything remains unclaimed. Please reach out and I’ll gather and remove.


Thank you so much for doing this!

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Thank you for letting me know. I forgot/lost track of some of these pieces.
I’ll pass by VHS and pick them up/start using them for projects on the go.


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