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I’ll pick a router out for VHS. Plunge or fixed-base?


Our plunge router is the one that died; thank you.


Thank you Steve!


Sorry, I spoke too soon. Someone sold the plunge router before I could get to it this morning. I’ve set aside a fixed base router for VHS, instead.


Thank you very much!


Wasnt able to get to the last sale, a combination square, preferably metal would be very helpful and maybe another metal square. Thanks -Bob


@Bobster747 Are you going tomorrow?


I did briefly, Steve I think he had something for you, but I left him to contact you. I didn’t see much left at all.


I’ve got a couple of routers set aside for VHS if someone wants to come by before the end of the week to get them.


Do you have a plunge router? I think Mike mentioned the VHS one is out of commission. I can come by and pick it up.


Thank you Steve! If transportation of routers to VHS is needed, I can help tomorrow evening, before tomorrow’s woodshop meeting.


Sorry, no plunge routers left.


I’ll be at Tradeworks from 8:30am to 3:30 pm on Wednesday if you would like to drop by and pick up the routers for VHS.


Hi Steve,
How much space (in cubic feet) is approx. required?
See you tomorrow afternoon (where to park, is there a loading dock/bay?).


I’d say 1.5 to 2 cubic feet tops. There is a loading dock in the alley which is directly behind the Strathcona Beer Co. at Hastings and Campbell. However, if there is parking on the street on Campbell or Cordova then just come in our door on Campbell and come into the woodshop and ask for me.


Thank you Steve,see you at Cordova & Campbell (i.e. your shop) late afternoon.


Two routers donated by Steve are located in the wood shop, on the rack opposite to the wood shop entrance. Thanks Steve!


Thanks Steve for helping us out, and thanks @Rebel_without_Clause for transporting them!


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