Woodshop firesale - deals on tools, machines and wood


Tradeworks is moving and we have a lot of tools, machines and wood to sell off.

For more details see our Craigslist ads:


There are more tools and stuff that are not listed or shown in the photos as we are continuously adding stuff as we clean up the shop.

Extra special deals for VHS members. If you come to the open house ask for Steve, I will likely have a few freebies for VHS if they;'re wanted.
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Thanks Steve!!!


awesome, I might be in touch. The compound mitre at my home shop recently
grew legs. I’ll bounce it off the other users and see if we can scrape the
money together quickly.


@Stevemopolis I’ll buy the Delta Planer for myself/VHS if its still available.

Let me know


It is still available. Did you notice in the ad that it has problems with
the feed rollers?



Hey Steve - any hand tools in that pile of stuff leaving. Specifically spoke shaves or small planes?


Yeah, I saw that, is it in anyway functioning for irregular use? I was thinking we could probably work a fix for the feed rollers


@Stevemopolis any idea what is wrong with the rollers? I’m happy to jump inside and do some work on it if you think it might be salvageable with minor engineering.


Also, if the shop is moving, would it be a good location for VHS? Is it already leased?

I’m going to try to make it down there, if nothing else to check it out and say hi, but probably spend some hard-earned cash :).

Is it hard to park around there?


Somebody came by and bought the Delta planer today so it’s no longer available. We still have a Steel City 13" planer with helical cutterhead. The carbide cutters need replacing. I have a bunch of used cutters to throw in with it. I’ll let VHS have it for $100.


At 10000 sq. ft. it’s probably too big. It’s a moot point however since it’s slated for demolition about 15 minutes after we move out.


There are a few #5 jack planes that can be restored and a couple of block planes that are pretty beat up. I’ll give you a deal so good that I can’t post it here. :slight_smile: There are also quite a few chisels, hammers, squares, etc.


Steve you are a gem. I will PM you about the planes. Also let us know if we can do anything for you or Tradeworks in return.


We need decent metal combination squares, I feel :wink:


@Stevemopolis , we will take the planet and the planes!!!

How can we come by? What hours/days can I come?


Haha, not the planet, the planer


If I can pick it up at the sale time that works well, if you need them gone sooner than that let me know.


I’ll set it aside for you Mike and you can pick it up at the sale or you can drop by ahead of the sale and get an early look at things. Any weekday before 3pm. Best to let me know ahead of time when you are coming.


Sure thing, and thank you. I’m trying to set aside some time tomorrow (Wednesday) but Thursday might be the soonest I can get there before 3pm. I’ll let you know as soon as I can.




is there any chance you guys have an extra router that you need to get rid of?

Thank you so much, the new tools are getting great use so far!