Woodshop build-out weekend: March 20-21

Hey everybody!

We’ve seen some amazing advances in the woodshop over the past few weeks, (thanks to the woodshop committee and the surplus committee!) and now it’s time to finish the build-out on the tool storage and west wall work surface.

@ash has done a phenomenal job of getting all of the drawers drafted up, @leocollares is doing a bunch of the cutting as we speak, @reuben has put in some strong work on getting the counter-tops figured out, and we already have the drawer sliders, wood and other materials that well need, so this should be a good solid work weekend with highly tangible results, if you’d like to come down and help out.

Work days are 10-6 on both the Saturday and Sunday. You don’t have to come for all of the days, and you don’t have to be checked out on the table saw, jointer, or welder yet, although all of those things help.

See you this weekend!


I am in. been waiting for this for a while.


I’m down