Woodshop Air filter


Hey all,

After an evening in the woodshop, I’m feeling it in my lungs despite the judicious use of the dust collector. I think I need to start using my respirator a bit more. However, I was also thinking that it might be a good time to set up the shop’s air filter to try to mitigate some of the dust problems.

At Cook Street, we had this mounted to the ceiling via a handful of chains. Ceiling mounted is still probably a good way to go though I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to actually do this with our current space. Has anyone given this any thought?


haven’t given it much thought yet beyond the maintenance it needs: clean out the filters and/or buy new ones. And also the fact that it’s meant for a smaller space so we might want to consider getting an additional one.

That aside, I’m hoping we can get away with some eyelet screws into some 2x4s we add cross perpendicular the roof beams and hang it from chains. (mostly so we dont put anything directly into the roof beams. Would require a bit of drywall cutting maybe. Anyway, I’m by no means an expert, this is just a suggestion. I also haven’t had a good long look at the ceiling in the woodshop yet.

The unit itself isn’t that heavy but we do want it to be secure. It would be reasonable to consider it’s location relative to other airflow (ie furnace duct) and if the ideal spot for it coincidences with it hanging above shelves or somewhere people aren’t likely to be standing is a bonus. Obviously, it’s proximity to the source of dust is important but other factors could blow that dust to a different spot that might make it more effective offset somewhere.


I think that putting in eye hooks into the beams would be less invasive than cutting away some drywall. A lag hook screwed into the beam with a proper pilot hole would have a negligible effect on the strength of the beam. Easy to remove too if needed.


Anyone have any ideas how to lower it for cleaning? Or is it easy enough to clean from a ladder?


my reasoning there is it’s easy to replace/patch drywall. There are finite holes we could put into the roff trusses - those would be permanent.


would be easy to clean from a ladder. There are just hand tight clips that hold the filters on the front.


added a wiki entry for the filter so we have all the details. We might want to consider replacing the filters.

The pdf manual on the wiki page has instructions about ceiling mounting the unit.