Wooden Spoon Carving with new tool!

Currently Toronto-based VHSer @jon just gifted us a bunch of tools he bought for VHS. What a lovely gift! Thank you @jon. We miss you…even without delicious swag.

One of Jon’s gifts is a hook knife for carving. Amazing!

I’ve wanted to try this for a long time and I’m excited to try out the hook knife. Is anyone else interested in spoon carving? Anyone made spoons before? Tell me more.


Just bumping this thread. Do you know VHS has a specialized spoon carving tool? It’s for carving out the bowl part of spoons and was very kindly bought for VHS by long-time member @jon. Thanks!

This hook knife works really well - especially for greenwood spoon carving.

The knife should be in the woodshop somewhere in a box. There are lot of how-to videos out there on how to use it. Just google Robin Wood or Barn the Spoon for more info.

Don’t be put off by spoon carving. If you read up on the proper knife grips and use greenwood and take your time you’ll find it’s a great experience. Happy Making!

p.s. @jon is back from Toronto now. hooray!


The first rule of Spoon Club is definitely talk about Spoon Club. I’ve taken some of Barn’s classes online before and they are really fantastic and worth the money.

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