Wood Shop Equipment Purge

So as you know, we are cleaning up the woodshop, so there is no better time to purge some old and unused equipment. This is done with blessing of the woodshop committee.

If you see any items here that belongs to you, please speak up and we can give it back to you. If no one speaks up in a week or 2, we will move on to other steps such as selling or dumping.

We can also talk about if we want to keep any of these items. but most of these are items are duplicates of things we already have better version of and have not been used in ages.

First up, routers.

We are keeping the router attached to the blue plate on the right. But we plan on purging the router in the middle who has a broken switch and the router in the left which just looks really beat up. We stil have router that are both 1/4 inch and 1/2 shank available.

Next up. Air compressor

Now that the entire shop is rigged up with air. We no longer need as many air compressors. We are still keeping the blue mobile air compressor but we no longer need this red one.

Next up. This sander

We somehow have 2 identical version of this sander. So we plan to get rid of one.

Next up . This hand held belt sander.

It is labled broken, we have 2 other belt sanders of the same type. So there is no real reason to fix it.

Next up This scroll saw

We have another scroll saw that looks like it is in much better condition. So I think we are getting rid of this one.

Next up is this bandsaw

Even since we got the big wood bandsaw on loan, this bandsaw has been kicking around without a home for a bit. I think it is time to get rid of it.

If any of these items belong to you, please tell us. Thank you.


is it possible to change the speed on that bandsaw and set it up for metal?

Small red air compressor: while it’s technically mine (was used in the machine shop in previous spaces), I have no desire to hold on to it - VHS can do with it as it pleases.

Scroll saw: Can you confirm that the other machine has a similar throat depth/working capacity?

Old bandsaw: I can’t see this ever being usable for metal, it was barely capable of wood. :slight_smile: We do have an old horizontal metal cutting bandsaw under the welding table that’s slated for conversion to vertical use. If anyone wants to take on that project, go for it!

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If this is looking to be rehomed, I could be interested:

fair enough on the bandsaw. just looking for a way to cut sheet. the horizontals are great for tube and such but usually not so good for flat stock.

yes. the other one has a very similar throat and cutting capacity.

Id be interested in the red donut compressor, if its not claimed.

I am hoping that folks will donate some $'s toward VHS for the working tools. i.e. We are not giving stuff away completely for free.


nono, they will be sold for sure.


Speaking of which I repatriated my mastercraft router table and PowerSonic Mini lathe and sold them this week. We have a much better router table and lathe in the woodshop currently.


they are already sold? nice

The last time I saw it (red air compressor) running, there was a leak somewhere. It may have self-fixed.

I’ll bid $40 each for the compressor, disc/belt sander, bandsaw and router. :slight_smile:

If anyone has a really good use for any of these, and can’t afford to outbid me, DM me and I’ll withdraw my bid. :slight_smile:


That is a pretty good bid and a package deal. I will give a few days if anyone wants to outbid you, but overall, seems fair to me.


Ok it has been a few days. and there has been no new bids. So @Arrgh you get the package, all the item are stored under the big wood shop desk. Please pick it up. You are a director so I am sure you know how to pay the VHS. Thank you.


Sent $160 via etransfer just now :slight_smile: