Wood Lathe for Sale - SOLD


I’m selling my trusty, faithful wood lathe. I’ve done a lot of great work on this lathe and have no complaints with it but I’m stepping up to my dream lathe and, sadly, there’s no room in my cramped shop for both of them. Here are the details:

Nova 3000 wood lathe - $750

  • 16" Swing
  • 24" Between Centres
  • Swivel Headstock
  • 1.5 HP Variable Speed DC Motor & Controller
  • 1-1/4" x 8 TPI Headstock Spindle
  • MT2 Headstock & Tailstock
  • Outboard Toolrest Post
  • 220V 15A Single Phase
  • Heavy Custom Maple Stand with lots of room for storage
  • Includes Spur Drive, Live Centre & 6" Faceplate

The craigslist ad is: https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/rch/tls/d/nova-3000-wood-lathe/6639215009.html


I thought about this overnight and, while I am not in a financial position to donate this to VHS, if this is something that VHS would like in their woodshop I would be prepared to sell it to VHS for $500. The price is still $750 for private individuals.


My only concern for VHS is space; if we had space for it, I’d chip in some $ to help make a tilt happen.

This is a very nice tool, and you couldn’t ask for a better prior owner.


Also, if I had my own shop, this would be a no-brainer for me :(. Oh to have space.


The lathe is now sold to a longtime turner friend of mine.


I am glad it went to a good home, Steve. Thank you for considering us first!