Wood gluing large panels

Hey all, I need to wood glue new panels onto my queen size bed parts and I don’t know how to set that up so it:
A) will set properly
B) won’t take up a bunch of space when drying

Does anyone have advice or can anyone help show me where the proper clamps and such are today or tomorrow before 6pm, or Wednesday any time?

I have watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials but they all have pipe clamps and their own garage space for leaving it to dry and I haven’t seen either of those at the hackspace so I’m at a loss.

What length of pipe clamps do you need? I have a few at home I could lend you but they’re only 5’.

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The panels are 17.5-ish inches wide

I’ve done this sort of thing with dollar store bungee cords and rope in a pinch. Not sure if that is helpful.

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