Wood CNC Router *UPDATES*


So been working on this large CNC in the wood shop for some time, its finally at a stage where its operational and has some good features.

Things that are new:

  • Auto Homing and Zeroing (Home all Ref)
  • Auto Tool height with touch off plate (now with dedicated plug/port)
  • Limit Switches and soft limits are operational

Things to improve / build:

  • Dust collection system
  • Noise containment box / system
  • New upgraded spindle

Any one with training on the other CNC’s in the space will be able to do a short introduction in order to start using it.

Anyone with out any CNC training and looking to get started can contact me to get started or try and get trained on the other CNC’s in the space.


3…2…1…TOUCH OFF!


Also when you if you hit the limit switches you no longer need to turn off the controller to move off the limits. It can be driven off after the reset button in mach 3 has been used.


Yay! Luke, nice work.


Luke, do you have any details on what was involved to set up the touch plate? I’d love to have one for the Taig.


Super nice work Luke!

Need to use a tool setter with a switch. It is pretty easy to wire up to one of the input pins… Touch plates are a router thing. The Taig controller really needs a whole revamp… Those xylotex drivers are pretty poor. I would be great to switch it to trinamic drivers, then we wouldn’t have to even have add limit switches. I have stayed away from adding a tool setter because multiple offsets (gauge length, tool length and part offsets) are very confusing to new users and you have to have all of those correct to get your height right… gauge length would be fixed with limit switches which would fix part of the problem.


Thank you Luke, would love to try out this revamped CNC!