Wood Bandsaw - Repair part ordered

So you may have noticed the woodbandsaw is slightly disassembled. The top pivot hinge has cracked not sure what did it in (suspect over tensioning, or gremlins, or it just had enough of the never ending pandemic hellscape).
It does however seem to be a common failure point on these saws. I have ordered a replacement, no eta but its shipping from Ontario.


@lukecyca The cost can be reimbursed to @dbynoe from the woodshop budget as per general consensus from the woodshop committee. Thanks for getting this part order and @Metal_Janet who identified the problem. This could have been a pretty dangerous situation for our members to continue using the bandsaw in this state.


Okay so I got the new part installed, unfortunately I haven’t tested it as the yellow finger guard that covers the blade on the right side has gone missing.

I’ve tagged the saw as do not use, the guides have also not been set up.

So I can’t remember who all took it apart, but saw isn’t safe until someone can find it/retrieve it from where it got stashed.

*sneaky edit
Whomever needs to replace the pivot hinge in the future the two steel pins that hold it in are short and are into blind holes. If they don’t fall out on their own (which they won’t if the part breaks again) you can use a combination of a harddrive magnet, a hammer, and wiggling the hinge to motivate them outwards. The pins are 8mm, and a 5/16 bit just reamed out a bit is pretty darn close enough to enlarge the holes in the new casting. There is also an entire spare casting in the bandsaw cabinet, but it would have to be milled down to fit the casting slots.