Wire spool rack idea


Hey everyone. At work I have built some storage systems that have been working well for me, and I think they would serve VHS well too.

Here’s a wire rack that I designed that I’ve gotten lots of compliments on (yes I’ve been told I have a nice rack already). This design uses laser cut wooden spool holders that mount onto wooden cleats. Spools can be individually lifted off of the cleats for convenience. The flat base of the spool holder also doubles as a stand if you’re using it at a workbench.

Let me know what you think. I’d be happy to build something like this for VHS.


By the way, the cleats only need to be mounted to a sheet of plywood. I’m not talking about building this huge monstrosity of a wire cart for the space.


Love it! Nice design. I think this would be great for us. At Cook St we always had a few attempts at doing basic wire spool racks that were usually just tacked onto the posts of shelves but something proper like this would be super useful!

+1 from me without hesitation


Would this also include storage for 3D print filament, or would that be stored separately?


I fricken love it, it could go on the small wall west of the electronics bench, or we could build a rack to the north of the electronics bench (between it and the woodshop) spaced out just enough to let the door close behind it. there are a bunch of sheets of 5/8 particle board we could use for that purpose.

Laura, 3d printing is on the other side of the shop, could build a similar system over there.


French cleat the entire space, hell yeah


Awesome. I’ll start cutting some pieces for it this weekend.


No no don’t go through all the extra work. Just bring that one down. Don’t even have to take the wire off :slight_smile:


That looks like a good idea for filament storage. But yeah should be in the 3D printer area. Also if we had a flexible plastic like the stuff we used to cover up the old server rack. Filament is much better when stored in an area that’s low on moisture.