[WIP] PCB milling with Sherline


that was fixed by straightening out some of the pins. the connector don’t mate very well on the y motor


so having done a bit further digging, and armed with the knowledge the this sherline mill was converted from a lathe, i have found the following parts that will probably help with the x and y backlash.

for the X axis:

for the Y axis:
https://www.sherlinedirect.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=product.display&product_id=1139&CFID=142164016&CFTOKEN=39544146 <= this is recommanded by the sherline tech person i corresponded with via email

a total of $63 USD


@xquared, Thank you!


that with tax and shipping, we are looking at $100 CAD. anyone else interested in kicking money in something that may or may not be viable in the long run?