Who knew mice like to eat Ikea tea candles?!


Who knew mice like to eat Ikea tea candles?!

Michele and I arrived at the cottage last night to find that the mice have been having a huge party since we were last here at New Years. We were surprised because we’ve not had problems with mice for quite some time. We’re meticulous about keeping anything remotely edible in sealed, mouse-proof containers.

We’ve never seen evidence of mice eating candles before however we arrived to find mouse turds on the counters, table tops and on top of all our larger candles. There wasn’t any nibble marks on the candles, though. We did find a few tea candles on the floor that were well mouse chewed and a few partialy burne tea candles were eaten. When we checked our candle storage shelves we were shocked to find that the mice had consumed all 200 tea candles from 2 brand new packages of Ikea tea candles that were made in the USA. We had another, older package that were relatively untouched other than a few exploratory bite marks. That package were also from Ikea but made in Poland.

So… If you have Ikea tea candles, especially if they were made in the US, be sure to store them in mouse proof containers!


I guess animal/vegetable wax ( contains lipids ) vs paraffin ( a petroleum by-product).


We just discovered that they also got into a box of red wine that was stored on the same shelf and chewed through the bladder. Sounds like they had a much bigger party than we first thought!

I’m having this bizarre visual of a bunch of drunk mice with party hats on chowing down on tea candles…


Did they light the candles as well before eating? Sounds like a nice
evening…for mice.


Whew, looks like he bought it and blamed the mice!
That was a good party, let’s do it again next time @Stevemopolis leave the cottage


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