Who does this control panel belong to?

Found this in a dusty box in the Elecs parts area…
No name…
Anyone know the history?
Was thinking of dusting off and mounting and a wall in the Space for guests to play with…
Or displaying in the window…

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@JohnC was the most recent caretaker of it, it has floated around a few VHSers with kids.


I think @tomkeddie built that originally for his kids but passed it along.

We should put an ESP32 in it and make it randomly control weird stuff around the space.

I gave this to someone for their kid. It has a ti micro in it, have the code somewhere - can be used or trashed as desired.


Yeah, I was thinking of fixing it up a bit but I never got around to it so it was gathering a bit of dust in the electronics area, sorry about that.

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