Where to get 3D Printer Filament in Vancouver and Online

The 3D printer area is almost cleared out of 1.75mm PLA which is the main filament people print with at VHS especially when getting started on the Tinkerine.

If you have used a lot of PLA filament in the past and would like to buy a roll for VHS or more supplies for yourself here are some sources.

Partially used rolls you’d like to donate to VHS are also very much appreciated!
If you do donate - thank you as this filament helps us train new folks.

https://www.voxelfactory.com/ (local store, great quality but $$$)
https://www.filaments.ca (excellent discount filament, bulk buys get free shipping)
http://www.amazon.ca (range of PLAs, often good deals)
https://spool3d.ca/ (Calgary based)
https://leeselectronic.com/en/ (local store, old friends of VHS, range of filaments)

The 3D printer committee should also be able to buy a few rolls with their yearly budget.

There is still a lot of ABS (needs to print in an enclosure) and some PETG (Prusas only) at the space.

Have other sources? Feel free to post in this thread.