Where to buy ball bearings?

Looking to get some 606ZZ or 606RS bearings locally, preferably of quality that allows them to operate at low speed, low load, without producing lots of audible noise. Lee’s Electronics doesn’t have these, and many of the ones they do have are out of stock anyway.


I left a bunch of 608-2RS bearings at the space opposite the electronic benches. Would those work?

Thank you! Unfortunately as the shaft is 6 mm in diameter the 608 size won’t fit.

I’ve never ordered from these folks but

http://ringball.com in Burnaby

Check out the “local suppliers” page on our wiki.

I’ve used Ringball before, nice guys, minimum $30 order on cash stuff.


I ended up buying some “NSK” bearings off AliExpress from WSD Bearing Store. Whether they are actually NSK or not remains to be found but I will update when they arrive. Ten of then cost ten freedom dollars with ePacket shipping.