Where to buy 24in planter pot

I want to buy ~ 24in planter pot for a couple of dwarf cherry trees romeo and juliet.

I purchased these trees locally from ttreeeaterfarmandnursery

I am looking for something perhaps similar to

I plan using casters rollers from leevalley so that they are movable.

below the tree planter
screw nailed into the tree planter.

Suggestions where to buy a tree planter.

It could be an interesting project!
I can help to make the wood part of it if some welder wants to make the metal rings. : )

Ok make one, rather than buy one.

It would be an interesting project, with the wheels included.

How much would it cost. I know i can buy the planter for $40USD and the casters from leevalley i need to check.

You might be able to use old wine or bourbon barrels cut down. Just pick one up and get the skill saw out.



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Tim if you just want to throw some cash at it try calling these folks.

edit: ikea also sells rolling platforms for under planters.

I can’t recommend a local source, but I have nothing but good things to say about these fabric pots. Mostly that they’re big and cheap: Ours are all 25 gallon, about 24 inches diameter, and between $10 and $15 each.

Our dwarf cherry has grown a bit:
Google Photos

We bought four more pots this summer for driveway tomatoes:
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