Where do you source your stepper motors?

While I’ve been shopping around a little for some decent nema17 steppers to use in an equatorial mount for a telescope, I found there is a ton of price/quality/availability/feature variability across suppliers. This post is less about finding the specific motors I need, but more about preferences for sources.

I’m curious if people have a preferred source for these, whether it’s because of price or inventory selection, etc.

I’d love to find a reliable Canadian source, even better if they are manufactured here (sadly, I don’t think any are manufactured here at all). But curious what others are doing when it comes to sourcing stepper motors for your projects.

so far Ive been concerning: digikey.ca / mouser.ca seem like decent options but kinda pricey. There’s various 3D printing parts suppliers across Canada that stock some of the smaller steppers. https://www.omc-stepperonline.com offers CAD pricing and has good selection and competitive prices but shipping might be slow out of China?

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I’ve bought from these guys for my Prusa i3 clones

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these guys are local but i haven’t really checked them out yet. https://makerparts.ca/

i’ve bought some from spools3d.ca in Calgary and some from Amazon.ca

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Did you try Lee’s? I know they have a bunch. Pretty sure they do delivery now also.


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