Where did the very cool treadle sewing machine come from?

Last weekend, Warren and I noticed a very cool antique treadle Singer tucked in next to the screen printing stuff.

Warren posted a picture on the sewing channel but nobody admitted to knowing anything about it.

Who brought this here and what are your intentions?

link to original thread? I haven’t see the pic

I’m not sure if linking to slack posts really works…and I didn’t want to grab the pictures since they’re not technically mine…

Oh. i’m not on Slack. Two channels is one channel too many.

@WDaynes I should have tagged you in the first place.

Hi all!
I def should have labelled it as:
joint project between me (Liv) and Janet (Original Janet?)
It’s mostly working, just needs a tune up, refinish, and maybe a new belt.

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Hey there! Wow that machine looks amazing. Liv do you mean Metal Janet? If you mean me for sure I’m happy to help as long as the sewing committee is cool with keeping it around. I’m not on the committee so not sure of overall plans for the sewing machine area. :smiley:

Thanks @Ficus_mischievous!

It seemed to be tucked in pretty well and not in the way, so I’m ok with it staying (and it’s really really cool) … however we are going to be moving stuff around for Culture Crawl next month. I’ll let you know if we need to move it!


ok, cheers!

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I see leather belts are on amazon for about 15bux. I can pick one up and donate it to the cause - just let me know what kind of treadle it is.