What type of motherboard power connector is this?

I need a replacement cable for a Playstation 4 Pro (Model: CUH-7015b)

This is the part I’m looking for:

Anyone know what the heck this cable connector type is?

I’m still looking for an cable or a solution. Wondering if I can hack something up in the meantime. It is a pain in the arse to get out of the motherboard that is for sure).

Here’s what my current cable looks like - I will likely have to trash it to get it out. Not sure what is up but I’m beginning to think it’s glued in.

Google Photos

Here’s another photo (not by board) showing the similar connector but less trashed by removal efforts)


Also - if anyone has a dead PS4 - feel free to send it my way. :smiley:

is that the same pin spacing as a floppy drive power connector? If so you could probably hack it with two of those annexed together…

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Possibly. I will have a look in my cable bin. The next trick is getting the cable out. Apparently it’s pretty easy to rip the whole connector off the board. I may just desolder it.

Hell yes, my reclaimed bin of connector bits came through. I have two cables that might do with no hacks required. Here is a photo of one, with banana pants for scale.

Google Photos

Edit: this one even closer.

I think you mean more generally a small 4-pin peripheral power connector because 3.5-inch flexible disc drives are not the only type of device that uses this type of connector and 5.25-inch flexible disc drives use the large 4-pin peripheral power connector.

I think it looks like a smaller pitch. Here is the connector from the motherboard. Now to find the matching components for the cable ends.