We're building a pick & place machine?

Some of you already know that recently a Youtube maker named Stephen Hawes built and open-sourced a very low-cost diy pick and place machine:

This got exciting, because the price point on a ‘typical’ DIY PnP machine is still $2-3k, and in kit form. This one OTOH, comes in at ~450 USD, with all the plans available on github:

@Arrgh, being a natural leader, pulled together a copy of the BOM, and we all started piling in what we could scrounge, given the super-simple design of much of this machine

so here we are, having ordered some of the parts, and realizing that this project will soon need a place to be managed, a blog post was needed.

Please let’s use this thread to further coordinate this exciting project, and build a DIY Pick & Place machine for VHS.


his vids are rather entertaining

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Ooooh that exciting


I just watched three of his videos. This kid is awesome! Looks like a great project too!!

Super cool! I’d love to help out with this if more people can get involved!

you tube is now suggestion pick and place videos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkMVremuLwU

I have a spare 1.4 ramps if you need it, where are you on this ?