Weldng Shop Committee

Hi everyone

Metal shop is really starting to come on line. And I have been made aware of how many ways you can really hurt yourself in the metal shop. So we are forming a metal shop committee to manage training, access and organization of the space.

Metal Janet and I are the first 2 members, but everyone who wants to be involved in the running of the metal shop can join.

Because there are many unexpected ways to do permanent damage to yourself and some rather expensive tools in the metal shop, training on our specific tools is required before use. For experienced users this is just a quick check-out conversation with an area champion (at this time that’s Metal_Janet) to lay out the specific quirks and expectations of this shop."

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, join the committee.

I am super hyped to show off all the capabilities of the metal shop, and hopefully it will become a central, well used and well managed part of the Hackspace.


While I am both new to VHS and to metal work in general, I would love to contribute in any way I can to the operation of the metal shop. If there’s a place for someone like me on the metal shop committee, sign me up! If not, please let me know if there are other ways I can help out.


For sure. We are just getting the metal shop up and running. We will hold our first meeting soon and figure out how peoples who are interested can help keep the metal shop in good working order.


This is great. I’d love to join the committee and help out!

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It may be in vain, but I’m hoping to have more time to spend at the space this fall - so count me in!

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Ok thank everyone for your interest.

The metal shop committee is planning to have it’s first meeting next monday at 7pm on discord over at our discord channel.

In this meeting, we will talk about

  1. What people want to do in the metal shop.
  2. Figure out what people’s experience level is with metal fabrication.
  3. Figure out what still need to done at the metal shop.
  4. And figure out how we can make it happen.
  5. Plan the next training sessions.

Make it if you can. Thank you.


The Welding shop committee has had their first meeting and the following rules have been adopted by the the committee.

In general, only trained people can use the plasma cutter and welder. We will start scheduling training very shortly.

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