Welding Work Party Sunday July 14, 11 AM to whenever

Hey anybody who’s interested in metalworking and welding!

I’m putting together a work party this Sunday, and you’re invited. It’s going to be a lot of cutting and welding, so wear natural fibres.

:heavy_check_mark: Demolish sketchy mezzanine
:heavy_check_mark: install fireguard drywall
:heavy_check_mark: mud and tape drywall
:heavy_check_mark: paint walls and ceiling
:heavy_check_mark: lay out metal shop
:heavy_check_mark: Get gas bottle for the MIG welder
:heavy_check_mark: Review insurance policy to make sure welding is covered

:heavy_check_mark: Run extension cord from machine shop (make plugs, cut mousehole)

Shave bottom of door and get rid of the tripping hazard for fire exit
Install ventilation system
Cut down and dispose of the big flat dolly that we’ve all been tripping over for the last 6 months (maybe use parts of it to build welding curtian holders)
Build welding curtian holders
Build some saw horses at same level as fab table
Build a better stand for the metal bandsaw, putting its bed level with fab table and saw horses
Build metal storage rack on South wall
Build a good scrap metal box

Put fab table onto casters
Install bright overhead lights

If you don’t know how to weld yet, that’s no problem, I can set the machine up and give you a quick lesson. We’re not exactly welding pressure vessels here.

Hope to see a few people out here!


I’m in for Sunday! Rock on. Edit: Actually crap I just realized I have something on. Will try to get in today.

It’s alive!!


Amazing! Nice job!

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Out–and I cannot stress this enough–frigginstanding!

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I figured I’d give the back door a go this week. Would really like to sort it out without having to take it off the hinges. I can’t remember if it’s metal or wood. Either way will try to get it sorted and also oil the hinges so we can actually easily open the thing. Fire bad!

I just pinged Tim (door guy) on slack. Hoping he will have some advice about the concrete under the door. I looked at the hiinges briefly was hoping to get sandpaper under there but no go as it was super tight. Wonder if we’ll have to take it off the hinges.

Edit: it’s wood so I think we could plane it down on that side.