Welding training


I was wondering if there’s such thing exist? :slight_smile: There’s few of us who would be interested in getting into welding and if someone feel like he can introduce us to Mr. Miller 211 and share his techniques it would be great.
Thank you!


Please add me as well, Thank you!


Yes please :slight_smile:


Please consider me as well.


just get trained at CoLab


@lukecyca told me about Colab welding course. But any course I could find was outdated and no one gets back to me. @xquared who do you contact there? Or is it only for Colab members?


i was able to get in a welding class there with out being a member
Lesha Koop was the instructor.


Interesting… I am pretty sure he is the guy I tried to contact there on leshakoophines@gmail.com.
Maybe he changed an email or mine get lost.


Lesha is a she


Good to know, thanks! :slight_smile:


Welding needs to be taught by someone qualified for the obvious and not so obvious safety reasons.

Vancouver Community Lab has Metal Weds the 1st and 3rd Weds of every month where someone is there to help you do basic welding stuff. If you are not a Colab member then you will need to pay a guest fee of $15 and sign a waiver to attend.

Everyone from complete beginner to folks wanting help with specific projects are welcome to attend. The next one on March 7th. Check Vancouver Community Lab Calendar for other dates.

Note this is not a full on welding class as in you will not learn about setting up the welding machine, hooking up gas, changing wire, setting pressure and flow and various other things however it is a great way to get an intro and see what is possible.