Welding shop work party CANCELLED ENTIRELY

Hey welders and aspiring welders!

We still have a few things to build in the welding shop.

Grinder stands (2x)
Belt sander stand
Stand and counter-weights for box and pan brake
Tool rack for intermittently-used tools
Ventilation duct
Tool board for hand tools
Saw horses
Plasma cutter table
Wheels for forge and anvil

Over the next two weeks I will be putting drawings together so that we can plan things out, acquire materials, and generally make efficient use of our time.

Work days will be November 9-10, 16-17, any time between 10 am and 6 PM.

I will not be teaching beginner welders on those days, because we need to prioritize getting this done. If you are a non-welder but would like to learn, please feel free to come down and help out; it will give you a chance to get familiar with overall fabrication, and if you help out you’ll get priority when I start running lessons.

Just as a straw poll, let me know if you’re interested/planning to come down to this.

If you don’t have time to throw at this but you still want to pitch in, I welcome you to throw some money at the problem; we will need to buy some more steel etc. I have to do some inventory, but we’ll be looking at a couple hundred bucks materials cost for these builds.

If you would like to donate materials, we are looking for:

Steel car wheels (2x)
Cement (1 bag)
heavy gauge 4" pipe, about 3 feet long (2x)
old free-weights, dumbells, etc.
8" stove pipe (straights and elbows)
Wheels that could take the weight of the anvil
casters that could take the weight of the forge (plus some additional cement and fire bricks)


I’m busy prepping for Eastside Culture Craw. I’ll help with any stuff that still needs to be done after that.

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Hazel and I have offered to help. We don’t know what we are doing, but i hope our eagerness makes up for that.


Hey annybody who’s looking for something to do this weekend… we need your help with the welding shop. Thanks in advance to @yeungx and @rsim. Even if you’re not a welder, you can be of assistance.

Please wear natural fibres and solid closed toed shoes or boots, safety toe for preference, although not mandatory. If you have your own hearing protection, bonus points.

We’ll crank the tunes and have a grand old time, and with any luck, we’ll have the place fully squared away before the end of the month.


Just bumping this. Thanks for putting this on @Metal_Janet.

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Id ove to help but I’m only open on the 16th 17the
Will that work?

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Yup! Any time you want to throw at this is welcome.

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New member here! Not sure what my schedule is like this weekend, but I will try to make it.


I will be there tomorrow, help in any way I can.


Hey everybody! Welding shop work party is on today (first of 4 days, the next will be tomorrow and, then it’s both days next weekend, come for some, come for all; everything helps.)

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Kudos and a big thank you to everybody who came by and helped out this weekend. We got a lot done here.

-Dug out and organized the tool shelf
-liberated the furniture dollies from under the fab table
-Raised and leveled the fab table
-Cut the welding screens down to a more manageable size
-Mounted the fan for ventilation
-Built the basic framework for the anvil stand
-Built all the components for the box and pan brake stand

Thank you to (in no particular order, and a couple of you I’m guessing at your Talk handle, please forgive any errors or omissions,
@3bien @yeungx and Hazel @Thovthe @neumannaudio @TimothyKonrad @jon @rsim @Mathieu (but if I did make a mistake let me know, because I need your actual Talk handle to let you know when I start booking welding lessons)

Next weekend we finish the ventilation and the carts, put up the hand-tool board, and maybe even slap together some sawhorses and a couple of grinder stands.

Thanks again everybody. This is what makes hackspaces happen!


Round two! This weekend!

10 am to 6 pm on the Saturday and the Sunday. Come either day, come both days, it’s all appreciated. People who help out get first dibs on welding lessons once I start scheduling them, which should be soon.

Wear natural fibres and sturdy shoes, bring ear protection if you have it.

Thanks y’all!

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Due to events in my life outside of VHS, I need to shorten up this weekend’s work party.

New hours: Saturday, noon to 6. No work on Sunday.

My apologies to anyone who is negatively impacted by these changes.

I’m sorry everybody, I can’t.


Hey sorry to hear that
Real life gets in the way.

Anything you want us to do on our own. ?