Welding Lessons part Deux

Hey guys, I’m ready to do another round of Intro to Hobbyist Welding lessons.

Starting next week on January 17, 2021, there will be 4 time slots available on each Sunday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, with 2 hours between starts.

The class will cover the MIG welder and the Plasma cutter, as well as general metal shop safety and etiquette. If you have some familiarity with welding and you’d like to learn TIG, book the 4 PM slot, and let me know in advance.

Shared welding gloves will be provided, but participants will be required to sanitize their hands and wear disposable latex/equivalent gloves under the welding gloves.
If you wish to purchase a pair of gloves, let me know when you book the class. It’s $15 for a pair if you buy them from me; they’re $14.55 including tax if you want to buy the same pair down at KMS.
leather boots/shoes are required
You will also be required to wear long sleeved natural fibre clothing (ideally cotton). Button up or crew-neck shirts are highly recommended. Don’t wear anything you like and want to keep intact as an outside layer. We do have a welding jacket that you can borrow if necessary.
Sunscreen should be worn over the entire front side of your torso, arms, and neck, including areas that are covered by your clothing because the light from the arc will find its way through regular fabric and give you a sunburn. If your clothing is fully opaque, you can skip this step.
Long hair should be tied back.
The current shop wide PPE and COVID-19 protocols are also part of the deal, so please be smart and respectful. (masks at all times.)

The cost of the 2 hour lesson will be $100 for members, or $120 for non-members, which can be sent directly to the instructor via e-transfer (DM her for the email address) Per the Artisans Asylum model, half goes to the instructor, half goes to the Hack Space to pay for the welding shop build-out. Starving hacker deals can be negotiated by members.

Before the lesson you’ll be forwarded a safety information and theory packet, which should help us to speed up the in-classroom part of the lesson. We’ll still go over the big stuff, and any questions you might have in person.

Sunday, January 17, 2021
10 AM:
12 Noon: @JohnC
2 PM: @sampath (?)
4 PM: @todd.chisholm

Sunday, January 24, 2021
10 AM: @talfleer
12 Noon: @yeungx
2 PM: @anuras
4 PM: @Beltsander

Sunday, January 31, 2021

12 Noon: @tolva
2 PM: Cheri

Sunday, February 7, 2021

4 PM: @Just_Dave

And that’s all folks… at least until March or so when my current 60 hr/wk work obligations wrap up If there’s an urgent need to learn to weld in February, dm me, and we can figure something out.

As ever, the #welding channel on our Slack workspace is invaluable resource for continued support, and I will try to make myself available as much as possible to support your journey of learning in this very fun and versatile medium.

@Claire_Baragar and @leocollares have the waitlist pole position, so let me know which time slots you’d like (also let me know if you’ve got a waitlist spot and I’ve missed you… the last thread got a little disorganized toward the end.)

Thanks, and happy welding!


Ooh, yes please! I would like to buy gloves. Any open timeslot is fine for me. :slight_smile:


I’m interested! My availability is flexible, and I’d like to buy a set of gloves from you.


Yes please! I’m pretty flexible, though I’d like to focus on TIG. Perhaps the 17th at 4:00, unless someone else needs to take that spot.
I’ve got gloves.

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Great, you are booked. See you next Sunday!

@Arrgh and @JohnC Do you know what size of glove you wear?

@todd.chisholm Should be fine, let’s book it.

@sampath Does this day/time work for you? Since you’ve already done the shop safety, we should be able to fit the TIG lesson into the 2 PM time slot.

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Thanks @Metal_Janet, 2PM sounds great!

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I think medium

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I would like a Tig welding time slot. I have taken the safety course so If I can get the Jan 24th at noon time slot that would be great.

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Cheri and I would love to do a lesson! Is it easiest for us to just book 2 back to back sessions?
We would like to purchase gloves as well.


@Tolva Sure. We can do the classroom part as a group, but we’ll do the actual lesson part one on one.

edit: actually I think I’ll cancel for now, sorry!


Hi! I’m interested as well! I’d like to book January 24th 2pm spot, if possible.

@anuras Booked!

@Arrgh copy, no gloves

@Tolva which day and times do you guys want?

@yeungx booked!

@sampath booked!

@JohnC copy medium gloves, but I’ll have extras of other sizes just in case.

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Actually I want to cancel my slot, sorry for the miscommunication. :slight_smile:


We’ll take the slots at 12 Noon and 2 on Jan 31st pls.
Judging by sizing charts I’m seeing online, I think we’re both Medium gloves.

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Hi @Metal_Janet Is it too late to get some medium sized gloves as well? (what email ID should I use to interac cash?)

Not too late for the gloves at all. I’ll take payment after you do the class, because it makes it easier if I don’t have to do a refund in case you have to covid cancel last minute.


Hello, I’m a new member and am very eager to get a welding lesson! If the 10am time slot this Sunday (Jan 24) is still available I would like to register for that, or anytime/any day the following weeks work as well.

I’d also like to buy a pair of welding gloves, but I’m not sure what size. I have pretty average sized lady-hands (lol)… medium maybe?


Hi Tal! I will book you in for the 10 am slot this Sunday. I have a few pairs of gloves ready to go here, so you can pick them out for yourself on the day.


Great, thanks for booking me in! You mentioned you prefer payment after the class. Is this still the case or what email should I use?