Wednesday open hours - can any key holders host?

Hi all,

Unfortunately I am no longer able to commit to hosting open hours. The time slot on the calendar is currently Wendesdays 5pm-9pm.

If any keyholder is available to host those times (or another time if that works better for you) please kindly reply to this post.

In the meantime, could someone cancel the timeslot on the events calendar for Wednesdays 5-9?

Apologies for the inconvenience. I hope my availability opens up again in the future as I look forward to opening for new and prospective members.



Thank you for hosting these Brad!

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Brad thanks so much for hosting some hours. It’s super appreciated. I hope you still have some time to work on projects at the space. Cheers!

My pleasure. I’m happy to contribute where I can.
I’ll likely be in very sporadically, schedule is just very hectic these days.