Wed May 15th 7pm - 9:30pm Pacific Woodworkers Guild Meeting at VHS!


7 - 9:30pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

I’m very excited to open the space and host a meeting of the Pacific Woodworkers Guild. I encourage everyone to join me to learn more about the guild and woodworking. I also hope to see some new visitors to the space who are interested in woodworking!

First guild meeting is free, subsequent meetings are $5 for folks who are not guild members or VHS members.

**Note: this event will use the main table area and also possibly the woodshop.

All skill levels are very welcome!

General Meeting Format


Introduce yourself and woodworking level and interests.

Main Event

Main Event 7-8 pm - Steve Hansen will present on Wood finishes and why we choose them, followed by a short talk on wood buying and storage.

Club Business

A short section to take care of any club business.

Show and Tell

Bring a recently completed project, a work in progress or a project you’re having trouble completing. if it’s too big then bring photos. Tell us a bit about your project such as what inspired it, the wood and tools you used, the finish, any challenges you encountered and what you did to solve them.

Q and A

Are you working on a project and would like some advice on any aspect of it? Have you hit a snag and need advice? Maybe you are in the planning stages and have questions?

Wood Identification Challenge

Bring a piece of wood and members will do their best to identify what it is.


I plan on a bringing a couple of Swedish-style butter knives I carved from greenwood. Process here.


Anyone else bringing something for show and tell?


bump this is tonight. c’mon down for a fun and educational night about choosing woodworking finishes and buying/storing wood.


Great meeting tonight! Thanks so much to everyone who came out! We had 16 folks attend which was great! Six attendees were VHSers. Woo! We did show and tell, saw what people were making, talked about finishes and storing wood, had some snacks, and showed off our awesome space to guild members. Thanks to everyone who gave tours to new visitors.


Some pics from last night.

Also this is a really good recommended book on wood finishes and finishing.

Google Photos


Glad you had a good time