Wed Dec 7th, 7pm: Printing Demo -- Multiple colours in a single print

An informal show and tell. Tamara will explain how to use different colour filaments in a single print with a demo if time permits. Beginners welcome.

7 - 9 pm, Wed Dec 7that VHS


Just a reminder this is wed Dec 7th. Join us to see how to make prints with multiple colours. Also stick around for 3dprinting fun times. Bring prints you want to troubleshoot, learn more about printing at VHS, check out some of the filaments we have kicking around. PETG anyone? Learn more about the 3 printer loaner program and 3d printer training.


It’s on! Reminder this is now on Dec 7th at 7pm!

This is tomorrow! So come on down. We also have a lot of different brightly coloured filaments at the space so now is a great time to test out a few multiple colour prints. If you do please post pics!


Come on down and join us for a casual show and tell… There are 6 new rolls of coloured PLA filament at the space and there will be several printers running with a demo of colour changing. Beginners and others new to 3d printing very welcome!

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