Wed Dec 18th 6:30 - 8:30 pm Wood: it's wayward and changing nature - woodworking demo

Join us at VHS for the Pacific Woodworkers Guild meeting and woodshop demo with Steve F. Attendance is free for first timers, vhs members, and guild members. Everyone else is $5 (Annual membership is $35).

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Main Event - Wood - It’s wayward and changing nature

Woodworkers need to understand wood, grain reading, and wood’s changing properties! Even for those not woodworking and just doing basic home renos or buying furniture, this is key knowledge that can save you heartache, trouble and money.

Steve Fairbairn will be presenting on:

  • Wood movement and predicting it’s movement
  • How and why you need to “read the grain”
  • Warping and how to deal with it
  • Different ways wood is milled at the sawfill and why it matters to you
  • How to design for wood movement

If time permits and the equipment is available to us, Steve will give a brief demo on use of the jointer and planer for preparing rough lumber for woodworking.

Need a workshop?
PWG would like to give a shout out to Vancouver Hackspace. If you do not have a woodworking space or shop of your own, the Hackspace has a workshop with tools available to members and membership is reasonably priced. Come to a PWG meeting to check it out or come out to one of the Hackspace’s open houses. Hackspace membership is separate from PWG membership.

Club Business

A short section to take care of any club business.

Show and Tell

Bring a recently completed project, a work in progress or a project you’re having trouble completing. if it’s too big then bring photos. Tell us a bit about your project such as what inspired it, the wood and tools you used, the finish, any challenges you encountered and what you did to solve them.

Q and A

Are you working on a project and would like some advice on any aspect of it? Have you hit a snag and need advice? Maybe you are in the planning stages and have questions?

Wood Identification Challenge

Bring a piece of wood and members will do their best to identify what it is.


Bump! The guild meeting is wednesday night from 6:30 - 8:30 pm… It’s a very welcoming crowd of people of various skill levels. Beginners welcome! Free for VHS members.

Hope to see you there.

Hazel and I will be there. We are really looking forward to learning how to use more tools at the wood shop.

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