We need more waiver forms!


Hi all,

We’re still getting a printer setup, so we couldn’t print more.

Please print some and leave them at VHS, we’ve run out!


hmmm crap. Gonna need some tomorrow night for Chad’s event.


I have a printer and live nearby, I can drop them off today (wednesday) if someone’s there to accept them.


Tristan thanks - that would be super appreciated !!! The waiver is here. Someone will be at the space at 7pm if that works for you.


Works for me, do we need the second page printed as well?


Lovely thanks! I think just a few copies of the second page but we don’t need a lot of those.


Sure sounds good.

It was great meeting you today, Sage and I are super happy we found the place. We look forward to making awesome things and meeting all y’all, and we are happy to assist wherever possible to help make the new space an epic success!


Thanks Tristan! Great to meet you both also!! I was sorry I missed you leaving – was up to my eyeballs in sink unblocking at that point. I hope Sage was able to get her project soldered.



Hi all,

As far I as I know, we’re still out completely of waiver forms.

We’ll need some for tomorrow’s Open House, so if you have a moment please leave some on the steel half circle table by the front door.



Hmm, I had sage drop off 10 pages of forms last week, but if they’re gone already I’ll print lots more. Does anyone know how many forms we usually go through per week?


I think we should still have some from Tristan. I’ll print a bunch anyway. I have a laser here and can crank off loads. Will bring tomorrow!