Way too much stuff on the 30day bench


Hey all.
So the 30 Day bench is meant for a 30 day period in which we work on our projects.
I have found numerous stuff on there that is way over the date. Ive also found alot of stuff on there with no names at all.
I’m not the type of person to throw away stuff so if we could all work together and get our stuff out of the space so we can work on something new. Now i’m certainly not judging anyone. I myself am an offender of the 30 day shelf! so i have moves some stuff that has no names at all and placed it on our cutting table.I need all of your help to find the owners please!

The items with proper date on them are remaining on the shelf.


Most of it I don’t recognize, but I know one of those projects belongs to @toma. That Roomba screams @janet :stuck_out_tongue: and those resin blocks were from @Gibbtall for anyone’s use


Thanks for kicking us in gear, I’ve got several things in there that I just haven’t gotten back around to work on. I’ll be in in a few hours and scoop up my stuff. As for the chunks of resin, I have no use for them, they’re a material donation to whoever is brave enough, I suppose there is a better place to stash them then?


Not my Roomba believe it or not @miststlkr! :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe the plastic tub labeled C5 Powered Breadboards was being used to store a project by @Moritz

The Roomba can go back into the 3 week bin (or maybe @Janet or @SteveRoy can use it for parts?) I pulled it out and promptly forgot all about it.


I’ve been meaning to make a box of Roomba parts starting with the remains of the 2x 700 series at the space. I’ll add the one from the 30day bench to it. Thanks


I have been planning to hack the wine press into pressure eated toner transfer method for PCBs, will hack it/remove it this weekend.


It looks like it’s time to schedule another Hackspace cleaning session. The three-week bins are also overdue for emptying. Perhaps this coming Sunday?


Sounds like an amazing idea! I’m in.


Thanks! That would so awesome to do another hackspace cleaning session. Thanks @variable and @faja66. Much appreciated.


Note: there’s a film shoot this Sunday


I tried turning one of those resin blocks into a round box. After about 2.5 hours I got it to this state:

I think the most useful part is the waste looked like confetti, so if anyone needs a confetti generator, we should just pop it on the lathe.

If anyone wants this to throw an LED inside, feel free; it might make a cool lamp. Otherwise, I’m done with that resin, was way too hard turning an a wood lathe, it caught too readily, I suspect a metal lathe would be more appropriate for the material.


Cool you tried though. Thanks for the update! Looks like a hockey puck!


Wow well done bro


Sad evolution of Romba(s) - from novelty robotic vacuum cleaner that everyone is excited to try to junk that nobody wants :slight_smile:


Reminder: Cleaning session and three-week bin emptying to happen at 12PM this Sunday.


I don’t thi k that can. There filming.


I’m glad it didn’t fail catastrophically. Do you think it is worth turning in to pen blanks?

I have a new waste pile of only the white material as well as only the clear material, I think that would help a bit, since it would all be the same density.

Hit that with the buffing wheel, the translucent resin really sings when it’s shiny.


Yeah; if someone wants to make pens, I think these would make fine blanks.

Does anyone have a pen mandrel?


Contents of the three-week bins are sorted and ready for transport to the Hackery: