Waste Disposal at VHS, the Mullet


Hi, All
if you haven’t noticed, we have a brand new (literally as of a few hours ago) dumpster and recycling tote at the back of our space. They will be picked up roughly monthly on Tuesdays

According to our agreement with the waste management company:
The General Garbage bin is for “PLYWOOD WASTE AND GENERAL GARBAGE” which allows for 5% organic waste that should otherwise go into compostables in a green bin.
The mixed recycling tote allows for “A RECYCLING TOTE FOR CANS, TINS, PLASTIC CONTAINERS :recycle:1, :recycle:2 :recycle:4 :recycle:5, AND A LITTLE CARDBOARD”

If you hate the idea of organics ending up in the landfill as much as I do, please consider packing out your food waste. THANK YOU!

(Please also keep in mind that solid wood scraps are considered organics waste but not plywood.)


Here is the schedule for the rest of the year:

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BannedMaterial.pdf (337.9 KB)
here is a list of material banned from our general waste bin.

no recyclables in the waste bin
no expanded polystyrene packaging


Thanks @xquared, very useful to have