Washroom upgrades?


How much interest is there in renovating the washrooms? Does anyone have any experience and/or suggestions?


I would like to see, though likely very complex, accessibility to get to washrooms considered. Gov should have somefunding coming uo any day now that will help with renovations around accessibility.


Seems challenging, given the two steps there, but definitely something to investigate.


Would it be possible to install a raised floor to removed the 2 steps.


No, the ceiling is only 7 feet in there. We can’t make it any shorter


Could go through the boiler room, hang a right and knock the wall into the washroom hallway down. Get into the washrooms that way. That way its a relatively straight shot from the workshop to build a ramp.
Closing off the existing washroom hallway would improve the bottom of the stairs, or even allow you to connect the stairs to the landing on the other side slackening their slope.
All this is major renos.


When @Billiam leveled the floor in the machine shop, he had 3 leftover bags of concrete.

I think those could be used to repair the floor under the sink in the first washroom.

The wall separating the two washrooms is badly degraded and I believe it should be replaced.


Not only do I still have 3+ bags of the cement left, but I now have a corded drill to mix with (and if it craps out, we know how to use the drill press :slight_smile: )

The washrooms are a low enough traffic area that this product may work; it’s not intended as a wear layer, so should have flooring installed over it. I’m not sure how permeable it is to water either.


Here is the link to the funding line that I expect to open soon that traditionally, will cover 50 percent of costs of a project.