Washroom Fix Up - Next Steps


Hi all,

First off I wanted to call out the awesome hacker who’s been replacing the old washroom light switches with brand new motion sensor activated ones. Thanks!

Second, these spaces need a bit more work.

  • The wall separating the two washrooms has rotted and should be stripped out and replaced

I am suspicious that there was a water leak from higher up in the building that someone was trying to locate

  • Concrete flooring by the sink has eroded and needs to be fixed

@Billiam, would some of leftover the concrete from your metal shop levelling project be suitable for this project?

  • Toilet in one stall is not securely seated and rocks (there are wooden wedges hammered between the toilet base and the floor)
  • One of the door has warped and cannot be shut at all
  • Totally unsuitable for folk with mobility issues (this is, I suspect, a long term project involving permits and grants)

I realize it’s not as glamorous as other parts of VHS but it definitely needs a bit of help. Any advice from folks with remodelling experience would be welcome.


Wouldn’t that be a landlord responsability?


In a commercial lease, nothing is the landlord’s responsibility.


I have not as yet returned the wrong stuff that I got. It is designed to go under a flooring product, like pseudo hardwood flooring… If there is motivation to do the floors with our flooring, then this stuff will work.

I just picked up 440# of the product for the machine shop. It looks like I’ll have 2 or 3 bags left over of this stuff.


Thanks for doing this. Hope you aren’t out a lot of cash. Leveling that floor is super appreciated.


Only about $75, but if I don’t need that first product I got, that’s $45 refund. The big load today was free. :slight_smile: