Warning: possible to engage laser with lid open


Hey All,

Thought I would make a public service announcement because of scary functionality on the laser cutter which some of you may not know about.

It is possible to engage the laser at maximum power with the lid open. It is also very easy to do accidentally.

In the designer’s infinite wisdom, they placed a button on the interface which is labelled “Laser On” on the version of LaserCAD you are all used to. If you press this, it will turn the laser on (which should be obvious from the description). However, it will also ignore the setting for the lockout switch on the lid.

Below I made a screenshot showing the button and you should not press, ever

I have also installed the latest and greatest LaserCAD on the computer, sadly the button is not only easier to access due to it’s proximity to the useful buttons, it is unfortunately named.

If anyone has some experience with cracking, it might be a fun project to remove this functionality.


I have some experience cracking. This does not sound like a difficult crack. But it depends on the anti-pirating enforcement
Binary edit the executable and search for the button ASCII code. This will be the starting point.


Lets assume there is no anti-pirating enforcement. Currently have changed the label of the button to “DEATH”


My redsail has the lid interlock wired to the ttl enable on the hv power supply, is worth considering. (it also has a bypass switch but I cut the wire to it).


Yes I was thinking that this would be a good modification to our cutter. We already have a monitor on the ttl and pwm lines.


We actually did customize that version of LaserCAD - hence why the buttons are in more logical spots and have more meaningful/better English names. The Laser On button was left there because it is useful to setting up work exactly.

We can of course do further changes if needed.


I really like the laser on button and would like to see it stay. I find it
very handy for material alignment, especially when I have a cut that will
JUST fit in the material, which for me is common


According to this wiring diagram, the door interlock switch are likely connected to the AWC608 controller. So how that switch works depends on what the controller decides to do with that signal.

The laser power supply (labeled DY10 in this diagram) has a “WP” pin meant for an interlock for the water circulation (WP=Water Pump). This could have additional safety switches wired in series. Or a NO switch could be wired in series with the TTL signal as @TomKeddie suggests.

I don’t know the provenance of this diagram, but when I replaced the laser power supply earlier this year, I found that it reflected our wiring fairly accurately, at least where the PSU is concerned.


Has this actually been tested or happened?


AFAIK this has always been possible, I remember this happening to me at 45 W years ago (although that was with the old controller).


Yup, this has always been the case. It was only recently brought to my attention and laser training has been modified to reflect this, however I thought it was best to let everyone at VHS know.


FYI, changing the title on the buttons is easy.

Just edit C:\LaserCAD\LaserCAD\AWCLanguage\lang_Enu.ini


Perhaps maybe something less ambiguous would be safer.


but “Now Witness the Firepower of this fully Armed and Operational Battle Station” seems so wordy and might not fit on that button


I think I’m in love :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It now says ‘NO PRESS! DEATH’.

*) As approved by present member of LCC.


Very true, and sadly, even “Commence Primary Ignition” is a bit on the long side.